Things That Are So Good That I Can’t Live Without Them: Field Notes


I have a list on my phone. It catalogs things that I keep using or interacting with, over and over. Even though they are just things, mostly, they are things that make my life better. Simply put, the things I feel passionately about, I feel very passionately about. So, presented in no particular order, here is one of those things:

I’ve always been a note taker and a list maker. It’s become more important as I’ve become older and the synapses have stopped firing as consistently. For that reason, I seldom leave the house without a Field Notes notebook in my pocket. I’m a scribbler and there’s not much organization to most of my notes, just horizontal lines to mark breaks in thoughts.

I recently purchased a Field Notes wallet from Bellroy, who are well known for their long-lasting leather goods. It’s got a magnetic closure to it and a few pockets for business cards or credit cards and things. It’s bulkier than I thought, so time will tell if I end up using it for long.

I like Field Notes so much, I subscribe to their Quarterly Editions, limited edition notebookes in unique covers or purposes. The most surprising thing about a Field Notes book is how often I’ve used the ruler in the back of the cover to help measure something. That’s been quite helpful. The limited editions have often been surprising and wonderful surprises.

Field Notes was also very, very briefly in the publishing business. A few years ago, they published a short story that was really very wonderful. Nicely written, touching, and engaging — and about baseball. I’m not a baseball fan, but I loved the story.