Things That Are So Good That I Can’t Live Without Them: UE Megaboom


I have a list on my phone. It catalogs things that I keep using or interacting with, over and over. Even though they are just things, mostly, they are things that make my life better. Simply put, the things I feel passionately about, I feel very passionately about. So, presented in no particular order, here is one of those things:

Let’s get something straight — I like long showers. They relax me. I waste hundreds of gallons of water while hot (not warm) water rinses my bad decisions and wasted moments far away from me. It’s cheap therapy. And while I’m standing there, with a wonderfully strong GPM hitting me in the back of the neck, I blast music. My family hates it. I don’t care.

Like most things on my TTASGTICLWOT list, finding this product was a process. I went through five different waterproof speakers before finding one worthy of my shower. The UE Megaboom is everything I’ve ever wanted in a speaker that turns a quick 2 minute rinse off into a “maybe I should get a larger water heater” hydrotherapy session.

While other products had tinny speakers, required uploading music to their internal storage, held a charge for little more 2 songs, or just quit working after a month, the UE Megaboom is the speaker we all deserve. It has a long battery life, it has very acceptable bass, and streams perfectly via Bluetooth. It has an app, that used to be better than it is now. But whatever, I’m not using the app 99% of the time. What’s more, it has “tap gestures” or some bullshit. You’re supposed to tap on the top of it and it will skip songs. It doesn’t really work.

I don’t care. The bottom line is that it is a very good, very loud speaker, and it’s very waterproof. And it just works. Most don’t.

How good is it? I have playlists on my phone just for the shower. Songs you can sing to (who doesn’t sing in the shower?) and songs that just seem like they should be on a shower playlist — like November Rain, that Gene Kelly nugget, and this glorious fucking Jimmy Page jam.