Things That Are So Good That I Can’t Live Without Them: UE Megaboom

Let’s get something straight: I like long showers. They relax me. I waste hundreds of gallons of water while hot (not warm) water rinses my bad decisions and wasted moments far away from me. It’s cheap therapy. And while I’m standing there, with a wonderfully strong GPM hitting me in the back of the neck, I blast music. My family hates it. I don’t care.

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We All Come in From the Cold.

I can remember exactly where I was the first time I heard Guns N Roses. It felt like getting hit in the head with a brick — it was so loud, so hard, so good. That first album, Appetite for Destruction, was pretty raw. They were a troubled band and they flamed out pretty quickly, but before they did, they dropped Use Your Illusion I & II. There’s a lot there and a bit of it was popular. But my favorite has always been Breakdown. Maybe because we all feel a little broken down from time to time. Maybe because it’s good songwriting or maybe because it just rocks.

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